Real Estate Agent

Veronique Lerebours is graduated with a degree in law in Paris. The key to her success in Real Estate is her knowledgeable professional background that has developed for more than two decades. Veronique has devoted the last 17 years at the firm fulfilling her clients' various needs. She has represented owners, buyers and renters in many of successful transactions. She is now aware of the unique lifestyle of New York City and will find the fastest and easiest way to achieve her client's goals. 

Veronique has a very well-respected reputation and great expertise with corporations for relocation and investments. Veronique is also the head of the Downtown office and in charge of the marketing department of the firm. 

In 2008, driven by her passion for travel and world music, Veronique founded HarmoNYom, a leading organization dedicated to the love of Indian Classical Music. She is also a urban and street art photographer and a collagist. 

She speaks English, French and Spanish. And she loves Brooklyn, her home, and Manhattan!