Real Estate Agent and Public Relation Specialist

Raised in a family of Real Estate professionals in Italy, since a very young age Sara Traverso shows passion and enthusiasm for anything that relates to this industry.  After a long experience abroad, she returns to Italy and together with her brother they found a company based in Milan specialized in international Real Estate investments focusing in the areas of New York, Miami, London, Spain, Berlin and Caribbean Islands.

Her work goes from the traditional real estate sale/purchase to more complex transactions like club deal and bulk offers for large investors.

Her background overseas exposed her to various international markets and to all type of negotiations in order to meet the expectations of a broad variety of clients. This allows her to be highly sensitive to all clients' needs and desires while being very creative in her negotiations skills.

The key to her success both in her private and professional life is to be an attentive listener.
Today she lives in New York again; the love for this magical City and for the most fascinating Real Estate market in the world brought her back here.

Sara now works with local and international clients both in the residential and commercial areas.Her tie with the company in Italy allows her to satisfy also American client's requests to invest in the European and International markets.

She graduated in Marketing in Milan and lived also in London, Madrid and New York.
Certified Real Estate Agent both in New York and in Italy
Fluent in Italian, English and Spanish
Her favorite quote: "you can't describe passion, you can only live it" Enzo Ferrari