Jennifer Bailey joined Domus Realty in 1994 and has never looked back. She is the force behind the agency! 
Jennifer graduated with a degree in accounting/Management; her knowledge has made her very capable to handle the extensive client’s portfolios of the agency. Over the years, Jennifer developed a trusty relationship with Domus Realty's international clients, giving her a great sense of satisfaction! 

Jennifer is also in charge of Domus Property Management which handles all aspects of property management while providing additional concierge services that enhance clients’ overall experience of living in New York City. All concierge services, which range from supervising interior decorating and paying bills, to securing dinner reservations and recommending events, are geared towards making the firm’s clients love New York City.
Avid of curiosities, Jennifer loves to travel to different parts of the world which helps her to always increase Domus Realty's clientele.