Real Estate Agent

Fabiana Coccia holds a Master’s Degree in Business Economics from the University of Naples, Federico II. Her mathematical skills and passion for economics make her a fitting professional partner when it comes to investing in real estate. 
Fabiana has lived and worked in a variety of countries in Europe and Asia.  Before moving to New York City she lived for five years between Singapore and South Korea where she worked as a business facilitator for major international firms. Before that, Fabiana spent many years working as a private banker for Unicredit in Italy, where she had the chance not only to build a strong understanding of mortgage industry and portfolio management, but also to develop a sincerely client-focused approach. 
Fabiana will be a valuable resource for you in New York City. She is able to leverage her private banking professional mindset to provide you with the kind of personal, one-to-one service that is essential to making good investments in New York City.  Also, her living and working experiences in Asia have developed her cultural intelligence and strengthened her ability to work in a multicultural environment with patience and empathy. 
In her free time, she loves scuba diving, traveling, cooking for friends, and discovering the beauty and livability of New York City through the eyes of her two children.